Jenny’s Book of Twilight

Jennys book of twilight poster   Jennys Book of TwilightJenny is a lonely girl. But is she alone? Dreams, nightmares and visions torment her until she does not know what is real anymore. The voices, the shadows, the spirits… Is there a way out? Maybe her diary has the answer.

Jenny’s Book of Twilight is an independent film that was shot and produced in St. Augustine, Florida. It is a modern ghost story set in the Nation’s oldest city. It is a no-budget, independent movie made solely with the help of a remarkable group of people with varying levels of experience.

The project was initiated by Richard Kodai, who produced, wrote, and directed the film. He is a native of Hungary and immigrated to America in 2000. He always wanted to make movies, but was unsure of how to start the process, until one day he decided just to make a movie from scratch. He found help online as well as from friends and family.

Shooting for Jenny’s Book of Twilight took place in March of 2011. The production was completed a little over a year later. Currently, the film-maker is accepting donations to accrue enough funds to send the movie to several independent film festivals.