donate jennys book of twilight   DonateHaving your film shown at a festival is very important for independent movies to gain popularity, as well as to appear to professional members of the Film Industry. But submitting a movie to a festival costs money, anywhere form $40 to $100, depending on the size and popularity of the festival. If we want to send the film to multiple festivals, the cost will add up. For example, ten festivals cost well in the hundreds. And this is where we need your help.

Jenny’s Book of Twilight is an independent, no-budget movie, which means there were no investors behind the project. It was made solely from the labor of a wonderful group of people with everybody contributing what they had, be it talent, equipment or hours of hard work. We made the film for almost no money, but now we need help. We need money to send the movie, the fruit of our work, to festivals. As many as we can.

YOU can help by clicking the DONATE button below and donate what you can afford.
Every dollar counts.
For donations $50 or larger we can offer a free copy of the movie or a signed movie poster.

Please help us for WITHOUT YOUR HELP WE CANNOT SEND THE MOVIE TO FESTIVALS. Yes, you can make a difference in this movie’s future.

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