Richard Kodai – Director, Producer, Writer

Richard Kodai Director Producer Writer   Richard Kodai – Director, Producer, Writer


Jenny’s Book of Twilight is Richard Kodai’s very first movie.

He always wanted to make movies, but was not really sure about how to get to it. Film school proved to be too expensive and no other option was available when one day he realized that he just has to make a movie. And by making a movie he can learn how to make a movie. He, not having money decided to find help online, not in the professional world. He was able to bring a remarkable group of people together, some somewhat established, some just starting out.

As a writer he is more experienced with numerous short stories and a novel under his belt, some of it published online or in print in his native Hungary. He also edited, did the special effects, and partially wrote the music for Jenny’s Book of Twilight.