Tim Maynard – Photographer, Set assistant, Special equipment

Tim Maynard 300x300   Tim Maynard   Photographer, Set assistant, Special equipment

Tim Maynard worked mainly as a photographer on the set of Jenny’s Book of Twilight, but he also helped out as a production/set assistant and handyman. He makes his own short videos in his spare time. enny’s Book of Twilight was his first involvement with a full length feature film.


Growing up, my family traveled all over the U.S. My dad and I would go way back into the hills to fish, hunt and camp, that’s where I got my constant desire for adventure and travel. Over the years I have taken part in survival courses, from classrooms to spending a week in the swamp with only the very basics and my camera.

I planned for years to go to South America and in 2001 I did it; I dawned my backpack and hit the road. I spent six months traveling all over Ecuador, Peru, and some of Bolivia. It was the best thing I ever did, it was like living in my own movie, meeting people from all over the world.

On my second trip there I met my beautiful wife, born and raised in Cusco Peru. In 2005, I took some really good pitchers on the Amazon and in the jungles outside of Iquitos. On my last trip to Peru in 2011 I shot video and took pictures of ruins I’ve seen before and made a wedding video of some friends.

Now we are enjoying our time living in St.Augustine, I think I have taken a picture of every back street and historic site in St. Augustine and I think it is one of the most beautiful towns this side of Peru.

Then Richard gave me the opportunity to both shoot video and take pictures in his movie “Jenny’s Book Of Twilight” now that was a blast. Thanks Richard for the chance to work with some really great people and good luck with your movie and your future blockbusters.