Why did I make this movie? Part #2

I already had a halfway finished screenplay, but at least a lot of notes. I wanted to make a no-budget movie, and I didn’t want to hold back.

I remembered The Blair Witch Project, that was made on a small budget, and was hugely successful. So, I thought, you either need a good idea, or a good story. I thought I had a good story, probably not as easy to sell as Blair Witch, but maybe someone would watch my movie. Then an ad popped up on my Facebook. I horror movie was asking for votes on their homepage. If they reached a million votes, the movie would come out in theaters nationwide. I voted. They reached the million votes in I think 3 days. It came out in theaters. The movie cost about $5000-$15000 to make. It brought in $107.000.000. Yes, 107 MILLION, and yes it was Paranormal Activity. I was beyond impressed.

Paranormal Activity   Why did I make this movie? Part #2

I knew, I really had to make the movie now. Anything is possible! Little guys can become big guys. The sky is the limit. There is no turning back.

Since then big studios are keeping their eye open to find the next great movie maker by watching no-budget content on Youtube or no-budget movies at Film Festivals. Today, when anybody can make movies thanks to digital technology, finally Studios realized, that talent can be found anywhere, not just through the usual channels.

Peter Jackson found a short video on Youtube, that became the basis for the Academy Award nominated District 9, directed by Neill Blomkamp. (One of my favorite movies, by the way.)

0   Why did I make this movie? Part #2

Or we should mention Gareth Edwards’ few thousand dollar-budget monster movie, Monsters. Another one that I love. Gareth now is directing the next Godzilla movie.

0   Why did I make this movie? Part #2

Or Fede Alvarez from Uruguay, who made a $300 movie about aliens attacking Montevideo and now he is directing the Evil Dead movie, coming out in 2013.

0   Why did I make this movie? Part #2

And probably a few more I don’t even know about. And these are just the most recent ones. There are other no-budget movies I will talk about next time. Until then: the studios are watching. Anything is possible.

Richard Kodai

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