Why did I make this movie?

Why did I make this movie? It all comes down to one evening, one article, and one decision.

Film reel   Why did I make this movie?I was hanging out at home. Somehow I realized that my career as a hotel manager was not going to happen and shouldn’t happen anyway. I had already known this for a while. However, what I just realized was that all those years that I spent working for somebody else, instead of making my way towards my own creative goals, were wasted. I always thought that one day I would become a director or a producer, but I never knew when that day would come. Actually, that day could have easily never come. But I got screwed out of a promotion, and that made me remember that I came to America some eight or nine years ago to become a musician, writer or a movie maker, not a hotel manager. One or all. Whichever works. My (weak) attempts to make it as a writer or musician already failed. Too big or small market (America versus Hungary), no contacts, no time or will to wait for years to even get a little chance.

Maybe I should really look into this movie making thing right now – I thought. What can I lose?

So I went on Google and looked up schools. Nothing near by. Nothing really interesting. And they all are very expensive. OMG, I though, I really don’t want to waste years of my life to go to school. I’m thirty some years old already. Then I typed in: “Do I need to go to school to become a movie director?”

What came up changed my life. There was an article about famous movie makers who didn’t go to school. Aside from Quenten Tarantino of course (who is also a great inspiration nonetheless).

Like David Fincher. The director of Seven, Panic Room, Benjamin Button, etc. and the almost perfect, one and only FIGHT CLUB! Hmm. Now I’m inspired! But, let’s go on.

Peter Jackson. What?! The Lord of The Rings Director? Are you kidding me?! That guy is a genius!

Ridley Scott. This is getting more unbelievable. Alien, Blade Runner…

And then: James Cameron! Oh, no you didn’t! The guy is practically my idol! (Along with Christopher Nolan, my two favorite writer-directors.)

And finally Steven Spielberg. You can’t beat that. What?! Yes, Steven Spielberg. He rules.

This article definitely was written for me. These guys are like my favorite directors! Seeing this list why would anyone want to go to school?

And then there was the quote from James Cameron at the bottom of the page. It goes like this: “I think the most important thing if you’re an aspiring film-maker is to get rid of the ‘aspiring’… You shoot it, you put your name on it, you’re a film-maker. Everything after that, you’re just negotiating your budget.”

After finishing this quote I was a film maker. It was clear as day. I was going to make my movie. I had no money, experience, or contacts, but I knew I will make movies. I remembered the Blair Witch Project from many years ago (these are pre-Paranormal Activity times), and I thought, I could make a decent no-budget film. All I need is a story. And a camera. The rest will work itself out.

Read the article here: Famous film directors who didn’t go to film school

Richard Kódai

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